SUPERBEETLE features Hong, an eight-year-old Chinese-American girl, who travels to Taiwan for the first time to meet her grandmother. She is afraid of the giant bugs and then meets the biggest bug of all…Superbeetle! Join Hong on her adventures at her grandmother’s dumpling shop as she discovers that not every bug is scary…maybe they could even help one another.

Perfect for early readers ages 6-9 years old. Gorgeous black and white illustrations by Leda Chung.

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INTERESTING TIDBIT: Here is the beauty Superbeetle is modeled after. I saw him at the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung, Taiwan when I visited in 2014. I was in the process of writing SUPERBEETLE and conducting research in Taichung. I was delighted when I found their beetle exhibit and even more excited when I found Superbeetle himself.

Rainbow Click Beetle



Egg carton Superbeetle

Download instructions to make your own egg carton SUPERBEETLE!

SUPERBEETLE Coloring Page – download here!